Ames Library Competition

Architects are called upon from time to time to submit “entries “ in competitions. The competition for the Ames Library in North Easton , Massachusetts was especially meaningful to Mr Judge for it was a historic structure in his home town. The building was designed by Henry Hobson Richardson and was very familiar and significantContinue reading “Ames Library Competition”

The “Oval Garden”

The “Oval Garden“ was designed to compliment the house we built in the Copeland Historic District of Martha’s Vineyard. The plant materials were selected in keeping with the neighboring Waban Park properties and in accordance with the Historic commission’s guidelines. The results are timeless:Lavender and roses, day lilies, black eyed Susan’s ,ferns ,ivy and springContinue reading “The “Oval Garden””

The Art Buchwald House

A few years ago we helped a potential client locate a large old house on Martha’s Vineyard. The place we found was brimming with charm and local history. It was also in need of a complete renovation.Perched above Vineyard Haven Harbor on Main Street and designed in the shingle style it was perfect! Just whatContinue reading “The Art Buchwald House”

Annisquam House

The original white clapboarded 1920’s Colonial revival summer cottage was the inspiration for all the additions Judge Skelton Smith architects has envisioned and completed over many years of involvement with the house and it’s family.Annisquam , a charming seaside village in the town of Gloucester, is blessed with a picture postcard harbor surrounded by manyContinue reading “Annisquam House”