The Art Buchwald House

A few years ago we helped a potential client locate a large old house on Martha’s Vineyard. The place we found was brimming with charm and local history. It was also in need of a complete renovation.
Perched above Vineyard Haven Harbor on Main Street and designed in the shingle style it was perfect! Just what was requested and came with a rather proper Vineyard lineage. The house formerly owned by Art Buchwald and his wife had been the summertime gathering place for the literary and theater folk of the day. William and Rose Styron, Garson Kanin and Ruth Gordon, Dan Rather, and James Cagney were but a few of the names that crossed its now rather sorry threshold. Against this backdrop we were tasked with bringing the place back to life . Not an easy task!
Jim Skelton a well known and respected architectural preservationist handled the delicate dance of determining how to restore this “grand dame” to her proper place of prominence……while all the while respecting the original structure ….the results are truly remarkable.
The 1890’s were brought back to life supplanted by the addition of an airy interior complimented by beautifully reimagined gardens. its glamorous ghosts are by all accounts intact and happy .

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