Annisquam House

The original white clapboarded 1920’s Colonial revival summer cottage was the inspiration for all the additions Judge Skelton Smith architects has envisioned and completed over many years of involvement with the house and it’s family.
Annisquam , a charming seaside village in the town of Gloucester, is blessed with a picture postcard harbor surrounded by many antique houses. This house ,set on a rock bluff with commanding ocean views, maintains its small scale despite its increased size. As architects we took all our design “cues” from the little cottage with its broad porch , small paned shuttered windows, and local stone accents. Arguably The ultimate New England seaside vocabulary .
In the final analysis the secret to adding to a little jewel box is to make certain the things that we build at a later date do not overshadow that which we are trying to emulate ,preserve and protect. A balancing act , hard to accomplish , but on full view in the end result of this pristine example of Yankee restraint.
In addition ( as seen in these photographs), The garden design , stone walks and traditional fenced yards have been hallmarks of our office for over forty years. Those lessons are brought into clear focus in this cottage that defies time but accentuates place. Bravo to all that made it happen!

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