Cider House

Set in a snowy New Hampshire landscape in the shadow of an 18th century barn a new structure dubbed the Cider House is set to start construction in the Spring. The area long noted for its apple orchards and cider presses is responsible for its name. The Cider House will present the rules at the door in a nod to the local tradition of “hospitality within limits”.

Cider House will have guest rooms and a Chefs kitchen complete with an Aga Stove typical of an English country cottage. The main room or rather “The Lounge” is designed with two stone fireplaces and a charming Bay Window with built in seating.

The large porch and terrace will be ,like the rest of the house , outfitted with Cummington stone paved floors……. The entire composition is envisioned set in a landscape of native wild flowers and yellow roses. Honeysuckle , to be sure, will clamber up trellises around the front entrance and hand forged lanterns will light the way both inside and out.

At the moment the addition of an antique China Red “ Tea House “ is being contemplated ……It promises to be a focal point in the design scheme throughout the Seasons. Currier and Ives will need to make room for its Asian neighbor!

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