The Farm

The “Farm” as it is referred to in The Madanonock region of New Hampshire is being complimented with a new guest cottage. Over the years Judge Skelton Smith architects has been called upon to be a part of the changes that a property of this size and history sometimes require. The main task for us, as it is with every project, is to be sure that whatever is added is both timeless and seamless. Houses and the grounds that surround them are not frozen in time ……..and this one has had its share of fascinating changes since it was built in the 1840’s.
While not a working farm in the true sense it still provides “High Mowing” hay for its own stables and those of neighbors. The land crisscrossed by owner designed sensitively planned walking trails and opened distant mountain vistas is remarkable. We have been fortunate to advise on additions , interiors and landscapes over the course of time. The “Grey Cottage” ,as it will be called upon completion , is another building done by us added to the composition.
Please pause a few moments and see what a series of new “farm sheds “ with glass walls and outstanding views will be like. A contemporary take on a rustic simple form using only vernacular materials set on a windswept hillside that is reminiscent of a passage from Ethan Frome.

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