Ames Library Competition

Architects are called upon from time to time to submit “entries “ in competitions. The competition for the Ames Library in North Easton , Massachusetts was especially meaningful to Mr Judge for it was a historic structure in his home town. The building was designed by Henry Hobson Richardson and was very familiar and significant to all the residents. Indeed, Mr Judge’s great grandmother would have witnessed its construction.

Judge Skelton Smith architects adopted the style of later additions to the building by Richardsons successor firm Shepley Routan and Coolidge. In addition the property surrounding the new building was also reimagined as may be seen in the site plan that was submitted and reprinted here. Landscape Architect Frederick law Olmstead was channeled in the suggested “carriage drive” plan and an old Ames mansion complete with sunken Italian Gardens was also integrated into the final submission. The resulting composition represents some our finest preservation and design work to date.

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