Chilmark Modern

At times the only appropriate design solution to a complex problem is to “keep it simple”! We have always found that Modern architecture is well suited to the task of tying discordant houses together. The project mentioned here is a prime example of how this theory of simplicity can deliver unity from a house composed of mainly additions and alterations.

Set on a lush green lawn with mature plantings and distant views of the Ocean Judge Skelton Smith was called upon to unify a shingled house with a proper entry hall , an all weather carport and a studio and shop. Not an easy chore to perform.

The architects chose to compliment the existing structure with an economical flat roofed addition complete with an Asian inspired Atrium. The new front entrance hall will be sheathed in floor to ceiling glass and the new front door will be enhanced by a Thom Malley sculpture depicting Joy. The inspiration for this approach was from the work of Earl Flansburgh…… of the masters of mid century country houses here in New England.

As in our traditional work “all the old rules apply”. Stone paving, wood siding and in this case a small Coy Pool greet guests at the newly positioned front entrance. A series of three shallow terraced steps covered in Ivy and moss lead to the door. The inner courtyard , Asian inspired, will continue the theme of simplicity. In all , three spaces will benefit from this “looking inward” garden. The Hall, Kitchen and newly reconfigured old entrance space ( home office) will soon claim this calming view.
Sometimes the best design solutions are the hardest to market…….wish us well Earl!

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