We have been fortunate to have many clients use us for multiple projects. The duplex apartment pictured here is one such project. Parkside was completed for a professional couple that only a few years earlier had hired JSS to restore an abandoned town house on Beacon Street. The Back Bay house was open to the elements and being lived in by squatters and stray cats. Once the elegant residence of a prominent Boston family we were called upon to make it shine once again…….and we did.

One can only imagine our reaction when the call came in that they were contemplating moving to a new high rise on Boston Common!

The Penthouse floor was under construction and we were given a free hand in determining its final appearance. What resulted is a space that was opened from a concrete box to a dramatic two story light filled “Movie Set” interior. The pictures included here show the transformation better than a thousand words…….it remains a gathering place on New Years Eve and stands the test of time.

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