The “Oval Garden”

The “Oval Garden“ was designed to compliment the house we built in the Copeland Historic District of Martha’s Vineyard. The plant materials were selected in keeping with the neighboring Waban Park properties and in accordance with the Historic commission’s guidelines. The results are timeless:
Lavender and roses, day lilies, black eyed Susan’s ,ferns ,ivy and spring bulbs accented by an array of trees and shrubbery commonly associated with coastal New England villages. The entire composition is hedged with privet and punctuated by Dogwood and Rose of Sharon …….a distinctly early 20th century vocabulary reimagined with grace and restraint .
The photographs shown here were taken almost immediately after the yard was planted. In the years that have followed the garden has reached maturity and the vision has become reality.
We include , amongst others, a picture of Jim Skelton and Joy Thorely at the front door as if to say “Welcome Home”. It is appropriate to note that Judge Skelton Smith was responsible for every aspect of this house . The Architecture , gardens and interiors were all designed by us and the results ,to our eyes ,are therefore sympathetic and beautiful at any season of the year.

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