Home for the Holidays

Imagine the surprise when we opened our Holiday mail to see this watercolor like photograph of a recently completed project in Marion Massachusetts . As most of our readers know we typically send cards of this variety at this time of year . How interesting to receive one ourselves from old friends and clients! The owners have captured the true essence of their waterfront house and its newly built ‘guest cottage’. The picture says home for the Holidays no matter what the season. As a reminder  our Annual New Year letter will arrive soon.  With  any luck it will measure up to this one visually.

The following is a brief description of the project : We were originally called upon to perform major renovations to the existing turn of the last century summer house  ( pictured here in the foreground of the card).Subsequent work included the thoughtful placement of a swimming pool and subtle design changes to the  entrance drive and garages. The guest house ( in the background) is independent and connected to the main house by covered walkways. It is the latest addition to what has become  a family compound. It is what New England seaside architecture should be…… Understated and appropriate.

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