A Walk In Paris

We recently received an email from the owners of the Hancock Inn in  Southern New Hampshire. It spoke of how they were carrying on in a most uncertain time. The note was thoughtful and included handsome pictures of the natural beauty and animal life that surrounds them. A “ Blog” worth visiting- atmospheric, reflective and hopeful. If only a similar version could be crafted by an architecture firm…….we do after all  deal in the realm of dreams imagined and with good fortune realized.

Unfortunately, our first entry of building projects does not rise to the level of our friends postings from the Monadnock. Therefore, we have decided to intersperse “chapters” on other design related topics. Life in Paris and the South of France, people and places that have been memorable and stories of projects past and present. With any luck it will be of interest……..and more importantly make you want to read more. To that end please watch this video that takes you past our home of almost forty years. 25 Rue de Verneuil in Paris. Serge Gainsbourgh and his graffiti laden house are featured . He was an interesting neighbor.

This is the environment from which so much of Judge Skelton Smith’s work has been born.

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